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November 2, 2013
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Dragon Duel by jasonwang7 Dragon Duel by jasonwang7
Who will win in an all-out dragon duel? Vote below.
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mmomo10 Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no offense but if dota char were to invade lol realm they would clearly be destroyed if they ever fight dota char but i think some will live through the invasion like sion , zyra and maybe lulu cuz these are the only character whose side is clearly neutral and also the dota game stats, items, abilities are for those who want some hard ass experience when playing and lol are for those who like balance and no op characters or items

You must admit one thing- Shyvana's weapons are cooler. Armoured fang-tipped gauntlets that form a dragon's head when she holds them together. Beats sword-and-board any day.
GarenaxMix Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

and in this battle ... dragon knight have mor advantage for the stun

shyvana have spells to create a powerful damage ... but ... the stun of the dragon knight ... ITS A TROLLING SPELL D:<
DK honestly,  in a reality sense (since i don't know how exactly shyvana performs in LoL i won't match the two up here). His dragon form is more muscularly built, more like a Tyrannosaur then the more Avian dragon form of Shyvana, and his varying breath weapons are all pretty scary, if we assume he is maxed out, he has a pretty nasty frost breath attack, which would probably cause Shyvana to simply freeze to death. In human form, his Sword and Shield are a sensible option for combat, giving him defense, utility, and great offense, Shyvana isn't fully armoured at all, so she is extremely vulnerable to DK's assaults, whereas her only option would be to go for Davion's eyes, and chances are his shield would help against being hurt there. Hes overall more muscularly built, and has some intense experience killing dragons, so he is, overall, outclassing Shyvana in every way in both Dragon and Human form. 
DK's wings would serve as a nice shield as well when she goes for his eyes in dragon form.
Honestly, his HUGE eyebrow crests would make getting a claw in there hard. And if we assume hes like any other Apex predator, he would close his eyes when mauling his prey. Chances are she would simply be overpowered and die from a bite to the neck.
I play both dota and lol, and i love dragons so i play both chars, if we balance them, I mean we choose a set of items for both ( couse dota and lol items are way too diferent, and stats too) i think dat davion would win, he is far mor tank and has tremendous dmg, and his stun its freaking long, in lol stuns of 1 or 2 sec are long, but davions stun would be eternal

Apolok Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sir Davion level 3 ice dragon... Kite Kite rape
Shyvana rapes Davion.
DaltonDaily Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Looking at a bunch of the comments, theres a bunch of people just saying one or the other without even knowing who the other is....
Someone else said it best, though I lost the comment after i refreshed the page.

Shyvana would win early on due to her early game damage, but late game DK would win out when they both got full sets of items.
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