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Lady Samus by jasonwang7
Lady Samus
Character Lore

In the far north of the Republic of Domagnican, there lived a spunky golden retriever. Born into the house of Wrollington, Lady Samus was brought up in a male chauvinistic society. Lady dogs were condemned to household chores and puppy bearing. However, despite the discrimination, Samus chose to pursue what she believed in. When the republic entered into a war with Catopia, she was the first to volunteer, much to the chagrin of her father. Blessed with unparalleled control of her Kestrel companion, Samus became the leading flier within the battalion.

Perhaps because of their similar background, Samus believes that there's still hope in convincing the arch sorceress Catsandra from destroying both nations with her plans. Little does she know that there's a deeper connection between the two of them...

If you like this character, you can see more at my blog -
Hebb the Master Blacksmith by jasonwang7
Hebb the Master Blacksmith
Character Lore

What makes a genius? Is it the time spent practicing your craft? Is it the attention to detail? Or is it sacrificing the other things in life for the sole pursue your art? Master blacksmith Hebb takes all of the above to another level. Upon hearing the news of the war, he deserted his country. His last words before he left? "Ain't no cat got time for that." His only goal in life is to make the mightiest weapons in the known universe. And while other blacksmiths may see an income opportunity for the demand of weapons, Hebb believes that the increase in demand will only produce weapons of poorer quality.

That dedication for perfection led him into the Deep Skull Caverns, home to the rare Brime crystals, said to be the toughest of all minerals. Hebb hopes to locate the crystals with his own; a tiny fragment given to him by his grandparents when he was six. He now wears it around his neck. However, the maze within the Caverns proved to be a challenge for him. This is the 27th year since he began his quest.

I modeled this character after Ron Swanson, my favourite character in Parks & Recreation.
Captain Milo by jasonwang7
Captain Milo
Character Lore

Under the direction of rebel leader Catsandra, the Catopian army launched a series of surprise counterattacks against the Dogmanicans. Unfamiliar with the enemy's secret magical abilities, the cities of the republic fell one after the other. With the capture of their military leader General Wroofus, defeat seemed inevitable. The last hope rests on the unlikeliest of heroes - Captain Milo.

A platoon commander within the 327th Swordsdog Battalion, Milo is the self-proclaimed "Alpha Dog" of Dogmanican. Selfish and cocky, he prefers to execute missions as a lone wolf. In fact, he enrolled into command school to improve his combat skills, not to lead. Despite an impressive resume of personal achievements, Milo has yet to lead his platoon to a victory against the Catopians. With the cats knocking on his front door, this is his last chance to prove that he is worthy of the "Alpha Dog" title.…
Catsandra by jasonwang7
Character Lore

Frustrated by the weak Catopian military that has been failing in every front of the war against the Republic of Dogmanican, anti-government groups has been springing up across the country. The largest of which, the Cats Sorcery Society (CSS), is led by the young arch-sorceress Catsandra. The  youngest daughter of the archduke of Meowsbury, Catsandra always lived in the shadows of her overachieving sisters. After she turned 15, Catsandra ran away from the estate and became an apprentice in a Sorcery cult. She raised the ranks quickly, using both her skill and wits; nothing stood in her path to the top. With this uprising, she knows that she can finally fulfill her potential. She can finally prove that she's her father's best daughter. She can finally be queen.

Check out some of my painting studies for this week:…
General Wroofus by jasonwang7
General Wroofus
Character Lore

General Wroofus is the chief commander of the 301st Infantry battalion of the Republic of Dogmanican.  Legendary for his expertise in handling numerous weapons on the battlefield with the flail being his signature, the mere act of mentioning his name strikes fear within the ranks of the Catopian military. Despite his fierce-looking demeanor, Wroofus is one of the few Dogmanican leaders who shows concern and care for his fellow soldiers. Because of that, he is widely respected in his home nation and an idol to many aspiring recruits.

For more information regarding artwork, visit my blog post at…

My friend was kind enough to do a paintover for me and I refined the painting based on his suggestions.


Jason Wang
Current Residence: Singapore
Favourite genre of music: Indie, Rock, Alternative
Favourite cartoon character: Pikachu, Squirtle
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The Mekazoo gameplay trailer which we uploaded last week has garnered 24k+ views. The team is super excited and encouraged by the reception and we'll do our best to live up to the hype. If you haven't seen it, here's a link:

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